Which casino games lady gamblers prefer and why

One of the most reasons why women love slot machines is that they are very convenient. Providing not only interesting themes and stories but also simple rules, pokies tend to be attractive to the women without prior gambling experience.

Studies indicate that ladies have many different casino gaming habits than men. Women prefer social gaming. Albeit they play on different games on slots row, they like to travel with a gaggle of friends. That result in different game choices, due to the concentration required.

Wild Diamonds

the sport is attractive for several lady gamblers due to the name. Bell and bars also are the symbols to extend your prizes but it is always better to pick Wild Diamonds. They like this game thanks to the diamonds that they are recognized as a path to urge a gift by replacing symbols. The bonus feature game is out there in Wild Diamonds. It helps ladies to urge fun and lift their wins.


A study that was overseen by Oregon State University showed us all that girls have more fun once they play slot machines as compared to the other game. This is often true for both the web and offline casinos. I assume that ladies find it more exciting also as loving the socializing involved in the sport.


It is often games like bingo that a lot of women will enjoy playing online or on their mobile devices, and therefore the main reason why they are doing tend to play bingo is that unlike most other online and mobile gambling environments they are getting to be ready to interact with other players when playing bingo.


Whenever you visit a land-based casino next time, attend the craps table and check who is tossing the dice. It is being a lady 6/10 times! Perhaps it is also due to the very fact that the majority of men bring their girlfriends and wives along to the craps tables, only for good luck. Whatever could also be the rationale, it is a well known incontrovertible fact that women understand craps better than men. It is one among those games that appears very complicated, due to different betting opportunities, but it is pretty easy to know.

Casino Roulette

Ladies who like roulette games choose this game and luxuriate in various winning opportunities. The sport has some specific rules and just in case of applying them, it is possible to double the wins. There are chips and Cancel the Bet button during this casino game. For winning ladies should place the bets correctly. If they might roll in the hay, there are many awards and bonus likelihood is that expecting them.